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September 26, 2018

011 – The Power of Words, Part 2 | Kandel Sisters Podcast

In this episode we continue to discuss of the power of words spoken over our lives.

  • Blessing & Cursing: Are we setting a blessing over others with our words (or even the words we think to ourselves) or are we “cursing” with negativity?


  • We chat about the ways many people (specifically women or artists) point out the flaws in their work instead of pointing out  the good. The words we use bring focus and attention to certain areas of life. Are we focusing on good things or our failures?


  • We encourage you to think about what you bring to the front of your consciousness in what you believe and speak to yourself mentally. The more we hear something, either spoken or in thought, the more we think it’s true. Are we speaking lies or truth?

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