"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

Hi I'm Kris,
 The older sister, by twelve years. Yes, you read that right! Being the oldest means I got to train up my sister in all of the best books, nerdy movies, and inside jokes. She's basically a mini me. 

So who am I? I'm a single, dog loving, over-thinking woman who runs a wedding photography business in the summer and works on creative projects all winter. I love to find hidden meanings and stories in everyday holy moments, encouraging others to spark their curiosity and dig deeper into life. 

 I love a good discussion, and ask the question, "Why?" just about as often as a four year old. It probably comes from growing up in Africa, Europe and Asia before the age of ten! It instilled in me a desire to know people and places, how something normal in one place is considered crazy in the next. Why is that?? 

And so our Kandel Sister's podcast was born, join us as we challenge each other to be courageous and curious enough to dive into the layers of life. 

I’m Anni, the youngest of the entire family, including cousins! Yes, I do get away with a lot, but I also have a whole lot to live up to: my siblings are obnoxiously awesome. ;) I’m all about finding the joy in life with a little bit of sass, class, and a sparkle in my eye. I curate my life to be not normal. I believe beauty can change the world. Two of the best jobs I ever had were working as a florist and working as an independent contractor for a mosaic artist who created huge wall-sized art installations for a local hospital and an international airport. Psychology, words, and art fascinate me. Sensitivity is both my curse and my superpower. I love weird color combinations and carnivorous plants and doggos. I have two tattoos and a high-pitched munchkin voice. I want to show people that life is anything but boring. I want to leave things better than I find them. I want everyone to be whole and aware and fulfilled and thriving and delighted. Life is weird, ya’ll. Might as well dig deep so you can heal and be kind and have fun. 

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